About Me

Jon SachsI have been taking pictures since my teens, back in the days when only science fiction writers imagined digital photography.

I take photographs of all sorts of things. I don't specialize all that much. I enjoy all kinds of photo challenges.

Much of this work is for clients and some is personal. 

I think photography requires an insperable mix of aesthetic and technical skills. You need a good eye and you need to have developed your technique to the point where you can get what you want. 

I also do all of my own computer post-processing, which is about half the total effort for each project.

I also do a great deal of graphic design, both for web and print, which means that I know what designers need in terms of image composition, quality, and file formats.

From time to time I do videos as well. Ask me about the videos.

- - -

It is worth noting that I am the "other" Jonathan Sachs. The more well known one is the fellow who wrote Lotus 1-2-3, and currently creates software for photographers at Digital Light and Color. He is also a photographer, but I have a nicer hat. The chief Rabbi of England was Jonathan Sacks, and I am even more so not him.